On Wednesday, August 6th Bee Hive made the news. Check out the interview that aired on the KSFR Noon Show below! (its about 25 minutes in – only lasts a couple of minutes) http://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/3/7/6/37698abb56d2522a/Noon_News_8_6_2014.mp3?c_id=7480839&expiration=1407615675&hwt=4fb8ac32e3fa91f93054de9fd07edbb9

Sunday August 7, 2014

Middle-grade writer Nikki Loftin’s creative writing workshop on Suwas an amazing experience we won’t soon forget. Aspiring writers, ages 7 and up, were dazzled and inspired – and went away with their own recreated fairy tales! In the history of Bee Hive events – this was definitely a highlight….

Tuesday August 2, 2014

On Saturday, October 19th Bee Hive was lucky enough to have Rosemary Wells at the store to do a book signing. People started arriving a little before 3:00 and kept pouring in for the next hour. We had over two hundred people turn out to give Rosemary a warm, wonderful welcome. After she finished signing […]

Wednesday October 3, 2013

Christian went on the Julia Goldburg Morning show to talk about Bee Hive and Rosemary Wells coming to town. If you have a minute – you can check it out here (its about 27 minutes into the show): http://www.santafe.com/the-voice/podcast/brrr#.UlhhaCTA568

Friday October 5, 2013

Greenglass House, by Kate Milford Milo Pine is accustomed to strange characters. After all, his parents own a ramshackle, mismatched smugglers inn. But, one winter break, when all Milo wants is a quiet Christmas, an influx of unexpected and mysterious guests—mysterious even for Milo—gather just before a snowstorm strikes. As the weather rages, items begin […]

Thursday October 4, 2013

His Dark Materials Series by Philip Pullman This trilogy is a great modern fantasy classic based in an alternate universe to our own where human souls exist externally in the form of animal spiritual beings. These beings aid, comfort and accompany humans. The series follows Lyra as she becomes wrapped up in a world of […]

Thursday October 4, 2013

Once Upon an Alphabet: Short Stories for all the Letters by Oliver Jeffers Quirky, hilarious, and with a small dose of tragedy, Jeffers’ newest masterpiece is a collection of twenty-six alphabet anecdotes. From a jelly door’s structural mishap, to a parsnip’s identity crisis, to a brand new creature called a whiraffe (hint: it’s handy for […]

Thursday October 4, 2013

    Little Owl’s Night by Divya Srinivasan, $6.99 A bedtime story that ends with sunrise!  Follow Little Owl over the course of one lovely night, meeting and greeting possums, moths, bats and other nocturnal creatures as they go about their lives.  Towards daylight, Little Owl comes home, where his mother reads him a bedtime […]

Thursday October 4, 2013

Bee Hive officially opened its doors last year on November 5th. So we had a little celebration to mark our one year anniversary this year on November 3rd. We had a story time and treats…but really it was all about the balloons. Balloons have a way of transforming a regular old book store into a […]

Thursday November 4, 2012

I admit, I was hesitant to be interviewed on the radio….but it was fun! And turned out pretty well. If you have a minute and want to hear all about Bee Hive – check out this podcast of Betsy Ronel’s show (originally aired Saturday, July 21st at 12:00 on KSFR 1260 AM)… http://www.santafe.com/podcasts/listen/humanity-the-experience-july-21-2012  

Monday July 1, 2012