The Fourteenth Goldfish

The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer L. Holm

Random House, 2014
190 pages, hard cover



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Ellie Cruz is the family outcast: her dad is an actor, her mom is a drama teacher with purple hair and platform shoes, and all Ellie wants is to be a scientist. One day, a teenage boy in polyester slacks and a weird necktie comes to visit. All Ellie can think of is how much he reminds her of her grandfather, a scientist who just made a breakthrough in the fight against aging. Could this boy actually BE her grandfather? Join Ellie and her goth friend, Raj, on their quest to find out. This is an extraordinarily moving, read-it-in-one-sitting delight of a book that raises all kinds of important questions about the wacky world we live in.

Tuesday September 2, 2015