The Here And Now

The Here And Now
By Ann Brashares

Delcorte Press, 2014
256 pages, hard cover

“We follow our scripts like actors in a very large, very long production. And even with no audience, none of us gives a hint that it isn’t real.”


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Prenna James’ home has been destroyed; a violent plague has humanity terroized and on the verge of collapse. A community of people escapes to the past, ostensibly to rectify the future. But their new home is filled with rules: never reveal thier origins, never interfer with history, and never fall in love with a time-native. Prenna diligently follows these orders until she meets Ethan Jarves. As they fall for each other, Prenna begins to wonder if the rules are more tools of control then preservation. Can Prenna and Ethan twist history to reshape the future and carve out a place where their love is allowed?

Tuesday September 2, 2015