We Were Liars

We Were Liars
By e. lockhart

Delcorte Press, 2014
227 pages, hardcover

“We are liars. We are beautiful and privileged. We are cracked and broken.”


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Cady Sinclair Eastman’s life is a dream; she spends summers on her wealthy family’s island with her cousins and an enigmatic boy named Gat, whom she’s falling for. But then something terrible happens, something unspeakable. Two summers later, Cady’s memory of the trauma remains shattered, and turned to dust. Her once perfect reality is fraught with trying to recover her love with Gat, piercing migraines, the feeling of unexplained tragedy, and the politics of her family’s money. A fairytale-like quality ties together the family’s secrets, lies, and deceit, as Cady struggles to reclaim the truth. The lies begin to unravel, and finally fall apart in a beautifully tragic ending that will bring you to your knees.

Friday May 5, 2015