March events

Thursdays with Ingrid
Our awesome music, movement, and stories
now in the middle of the week!
3/10 – Babies and toddlers under 2
3/24 – Kids ages 2 to 4
10:30 to to 11:15
$5 per family

Saturday, March 19
Music! Movement! and Stories… with Ingrid and Eric
Our super fun-not too crazy-yet totally engaging-house-packing
musical story time.

Creative Writing Workshops…

Saturday, March 12
Pets That Go POW!

What if your pet had super powers? Imagine if your piranha could predict the future! Or if your chinchilla could turn invisible, and your pooch could fly! What would they do with their fantastic gifts, what adventures would they have? In this workshop, we’ll dream up marvelous tales of our furry companions and their (seriously!) superhuman capabilities.
ages 8 and up
2 to 3:30
$15 (please call to reserve a space)

Saturday, March 19
Chapter Two in our Fundamentals of Writing Series:
Hello, I Love You, Won’t You Tell Me Your Name?

In this workshop, we’ll focus on character development. We’ll get to know the people, creatures, robots, etc. that will tell our stories. We’ll collaborate and come up with questions to pose to our characters and create their profiles. Sure to result in creative awesomeness!
ages 9 and up
2 to 3:30
$15 (please call to reserve a space)

Wednesday March 3, 2016