April events

Thursdays with Ingrid
Our awesome music, movement, and stories
now in the middle of the week!
4/14 and 4/28 – all ages
10:30 to to 11:15
$5 per family

Saturday, April 23
Music! Movement! and Stories… with Ingrid and Eric
Our super fun-not too crazy-yet totally engaging-house-packing
musical story time.

Writing Workshops…

Saturday, April 16
Food That Flies!
And floats. And makes you disappear when you eat it…Grab a pencil and dig into a creative feast as we channel Willy Wonka and conjure up worlds where the things we eat contain extraordinary magic!
ages 8 and up
2 to 3:30
$15 (please call to reserve a space)

Saturday, April 23
Chapter Three in our Fundamentals of Writing Series:

Nothing Happens Until Something Moves
Something’s got to happen, right? Thus the magical moving power of plot! Here we’ll explore how to stir up trouble, create action, and envision resolution. Oh, the awesomeness of possibility!
ages 9 and up
2 to 3:30
$15 (please call to reserve a space)

Tuesday April 2, 2016