May book club for grown ups

Book Club for Grown Ups
In Some Other World, Maybe
by Shari Goldhagen
In December 1992, three groups of teenagers head to the theater to see the movie version of the famed Eons & Empires comic books. For Adam, it’s a last-ditch effort to connect with something in his sleepy Florida town before he leaves for good. Passionate fan Sharon skips school in Cincinnati so she can fully appreciate the flick without interruption from her vapid friends. And in suburban Chicago, beautiful Phoebe tries to decide if her bookish boyfriend can fit into the life she fantasizes about in Los Angeles. Over the next two decades, these unforgettable characters crisscross the globe, becoming entwined by friendship, sex, ambition, fame, and tragedy. A razor-sharp, darkly comic page-turner, In Some Other Word, Maybe sheds light on what it means to grow up in modern America.
“Pitch-perfect” —Library Journal
Thursday, May 26 – 7:30
Thursday May 4, 2016