September Book Club for Grown Ups

by Jonathan Galassi
Paul Dukach, is editor in chief and heir apparent at Purcell & Stern, one of New York’s last great independent publishing houses. But despite all his success, Paul remains obsessed with the writer who got away: the poet Ida Perkins, whose outsize life and work have made her a celebrity––and who is published by his boss Homer Stern’s biggest rival. When Paul at last meets Ida at her Venetian palazzo, she entrusts him with her greatest secret––one that will change all their lives. Filled with juicy details only a quintessential insider could know, Muse is a salty valentine to the people who write, sell, and above all, read the books that shape us.
“Galassi has a treasure trove of information about the literary world, which he supplies to readers in great and gorgeous detail.” —The Huffington Post
Thursday, September 29 – 7:30
Wednesday September 3, 2016