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The Bee Hive Project
Books for All Kids. Right Now

Due to schools being closed for months, and limited access to libraries - there are many, many kids in our town who have been going without books for what is now, a very long stretch of time.

There are five Santa Fe Public Schools who serve free meals every day to hundreds of families. And, by partnering up with the Partners in Education Foundation, Bee Hive has the opportunity to get books to, if not all, then some, of these kids when they get their meals. We have received a very generous donation from a beloved friend and customer of the store. This donation will enable us to spread books around to families of about two of the five schools. But! We can potentially spread the love around to ALL of the families who receive free meals on a daily basis.

This is where YOU come in!!

Any amount would be a significant help to this Project. And your donations would be made to the Partners In Education Foundation, so would be tax deductible.

All books will be lovingly and thoughtfully curated by Bee Hive for elementary kids - K through 5th grades.

To donate to this Project please go here:

Right below where you put in your donation amount, you can designate what you would like your donation to go towards, please choose Bee Hive Book Project - it is the eighth choice down on the drop-down menu.

We will continue to share books with kids for as long we have the resources, and the kids.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration....